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Domain Reports

5$ Domain Report
Finds Keywords and Backlinks

Welcome To The Domain Sheeter Beta

  • The price is 5$ per report.
  • For support email support@keywordsheeter.com
  • Small websites with few rankings may yield small reports
  • Maximum Returned keywords 5,000 per report
  • All proceeds go to more free and low cost tools
  • Click the URLs and keywords at bottom of report to see related data.
  • Combine with Keyword Sheeter for comprehensive niche exploration.

Domain Report Details

  • Each report is packed with actionable data such as:
  • Backlink data (Total backlinks, referring domains, referring pages, backlink ratios)
  • Backlink distribution data chart (For people who like pictures more than words)
  • Traffic summary (Paid and organic traffic values)
  • Keyword search volume summary (By position, for the top 100 keywords)
  • Traffic by rank (Total organic keywords and what they’re doing)
  • URL Stats (Backlink data for every page on the domain)
  • Inbound links (This is where you steal your competitor’s links)
  • Domain keywords (This is where you steal your competitor’s keywords)
  • Related keywords (This is where you surpass your competitors.)